August 25, 2010

Kimball Arts Festival

A few weeks ago we went to the Kimball Arts Festival in Park City, Utah.  It is one of the top art festivals in the country and they had more 45,000 attendees.
All of the booths and exhibits were quite the site to see set up along Main Street.
At the top of Main we stopped by The Meyer Gallery. Santiago recently took several new pieces to the gallery, and we had not yet seen them hung up.

 As soon as we walked in, there they were on the main wall of the main floor.
The large piece is the same one that he recently won the award of merit for at the Spring Salon at The Springville Art Museum and it looked great hung in the gallery!

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The Richardsons said...

Every time I see that big painting, my mouth starts to water. Would you please donate that one to us? Pretty please? forget that you could get thousands for it and just give it to us. :) And you guys are fired for not taking us with you to the arts festival named after your son.

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