September 9, 2010

Aside From Painting - A Post From Santiago

Aside from planning and preparing for an upcoming show (more on that to come) I have been consumed with building our barn. 
I started restoring Volkswagen's in 2003 out of our garage.  Although I have been working out of a shop for the last few years, we thought it was a great time to build a place on our property. 
This will eventually be where my VW restoration work will take place. But even more exciting, this will also be the staging place for many of my paintings and future shows.
Volkswagen's are a big part of my life and as much as I love restoring them, I love to paint them! 

Even though my days (and nights) have been spent out working on the barn, my mind is racing with new ideas and plans for future paintings and every spare minute I have I am getting organized and ready to translate those ideas into new pieces.

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