October 5, 2010

Tuesday's - A Post By Santiago

Every Tuesday night at 5:00 I make the drive out to Spanish Fork for the figure drawing class that Sean Diediker teaches out of his studio.  Some nights it's hard to pull away from the barn construction, but we are making a lot of progress! It wont be much longer until I can be back to painting more.  I have this idea to do an acutal size Volkswagen bus painting and the barn will be the perfect place to set the stage.

In the meantime, for the last several weeks, we have been painting and studying fabric folds in Sean's class.  Of course I love anything that involves drawing/painting the human figure, plus this meant doing another study of Sargent.

Here is the original.

Here is my study.


Geoff Shupe said...

dang dude. that's impressive!

Axel said...

great Santi !

Wendy S said...

I have always loved El Jaleo, and your study of it is really well done! You are lucky to be studying with Sean. Both of you are amazing artists!

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