November 4, 2010

Barn Update - A Post From Santiago

This is the extent of my artistic expression on paper for the last week. No, it's not anything that will be going to a gallery, but it is a drawing of the final steps to finish enclosing the barn.  I designed and built these doors from the extra wood we had left over and I am very pleased with how they turned out in real life.  There is still so much to do but at the same time I am getting so close.  As I am working on all the final touches, one of the main things that keeps me motivated is the thought of finally being able to paint and have drawing sessions inside the barn.  I am constantly thinking about how I will set things up and considering the areas where there will be the best lighting.  In the meantime I have windows to install, wood siding to get up, endless staining and sealing projects, and lots more.  I'm really looking forward to being able to get back to what I love most and just be able to paint!

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