December 1, 2010

Announcing The Winners

After busily verifying all the entries, we assigned each entry a random number, and then using generated three (you heard me three not just one) completely random winners!

Without further ado here they are...

First place goes to Michelle

Second place goes to Kevin Eckhart

Third place goes to Galo Fab 5


Please email your painting selection and shipping information to lizzielovesbugs @ hotmail. Now because we have three winners this is how it will work - first place will get to select which painting they want first, then second place, and finally third place will get to choose from the remaining paintings. 2nd & 3rd place - we will let you know if the painting you select is no longer available so you can choose another one.

Thanks for all your entries and support with the give-away!  We had such a good response we will cetainly be doing it again!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners! But really, are you sure I didn't win something? Love, Mom

Mrs Anne said...

Congrats to the winners! I'm so happy for them (and a smidge jealous!)


Wendy S said...

Santiago, you are a savvy artist! I am as happy for you as I am for the winners! What a great idea! I hope this is a very successful time in your career, and that you will gain a lot of word of mouth work. I will be watching and celebrating your successes (and I am certainly not the only person who admires your skill, so I won't be alone in that!) I am excited to see your body of work unfold!

Anonymous said...

I'm blown away. I'm a VW Dealer - can't wait to have your art in my showroom! Thanks so very much!!

Kevin Eckhart
Santa Barbara VW
Santa Barbara, CA.

Anonymous said...

Just received the wonderful painting of the split window Beetle. Wow, can't thank you enough - we LOVE it!

Kevin E.

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