April 21, 2011

Spring Salon 2011

Santiago entered two paintings into the Springville Art Museum's 87th Annual Spring Salon.  Here he is with his good friend Frank securing the frame at the last minute.  I literally took this picture at 4:15 and they had until 5:00 to get it to the museum.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

"52 Split Bug"
We were very excited to find out that both of his pieces got in! The spring salon starts tomorrow, Friday the 22nd if you want to see the show in person. Congratulations to our fellow artists and friends Sunny Taylor, Darci Bertelsen and Mark Crenshaw for getting in as well!

"Murphy's Wholesale Something Something Something" won an Award of Merit!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing talent. We are so impressed. Love, Ali

dubstar said...

Great Detail on them dubs love it ....how much for the panel van lol...

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