May 16, 2011

Christmas Gift - A Post From Santiago

This Friday, May 21st, is the first art show I will be having in the barn and preparations are in full force here. Details for the show can be found here and please know you are all invited and I would love to see you there!

Aside from that I recently completed the unfinished painting I gave to my wife for Christmas.  I had never painted Elizabeth before and it was a whole different experience (and pretty intimidating) to paint someone that knows me better than anyone else, and in turn someone I know so well. 

We have been talking for years about exactly what she wanted and narrowed it down to something that portrayed her Irish heritage and the work ethic of her ancestors.  We started at the local Hale Center Theatre and sorted through their rooms of costumes until we found one that matched what we had in mind (although not the color we were wanting).  Then we headed up the canyon near Dear Creek Reservoir for a photo shoot. 

We also took some shots on our property with the help of 'our little artist' and our newfie.

Here is the photo I ended up using as reference and the finished painting.  Elizabeth was very happy about the final product and the best part is we will have this piece to display in our home instead of sending it off to a gallery or show.


The Losik Familia said...

It looks AMAZING!! i LOVE IT!! I bet she is happy with it!! she better be!! lol!! You are so talented!!

Irene said...

I love everything about this painting: the model, the message, the coloring. You have done something wonderful again. I love you, Mom

Gloria Gianfelice said...

This is amazing!!!!great the photos,great beautiful model!!!!great the paintings!!!lovely work of art,congratulations!!! you are doing wanderful!!!sooooo talented.regards tia Gloria.

Andrea Van Hofwegen said...

This is a beautiful painting of your beautiful wife! We enjoyed meeting you @ Celebration and dreaming of you painting a piece of our shop on our AZ dairy farm. Loving your blog & your giftedness.

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