August 25, 2011

Blast From The Past

From time to time Santiago will hear from an old friend about a drawing/painting he did for them in junior high or high school. It was more often then not a horse because that was his obsession.  It's always fun to reminisce and see his work from the early years!

This is a piece that Santiago drew for Brian Prescott in January of 1990.  We were excited that Brian sent us a picture of it!  This is what he said "A Michalek original! Just went through a box from my youth and found this pic you drew for me in fifth grade."

Here is another message we received from Amanda
"I don't know if you remember the horse you drew for my mother years ago? She told me that you worked and worked on getting it just right and that your grandfather advised you on getting the shape and dimensions of it. She had it framed and it has hung in my daughter Skye's room (above her head so as to give her sweet dreams) ever since. She has been inspired by the drawing and to say she loves horses is an understatement. She still studies the drawing and inspects it and is becoming quite the little horse artist herself :). I just wanted you to know we were thrilled to have the drawing then and still cherish it today. I never got to tell you thank you!!! Thank you for sharing your light and your talents!!! Your gifts are farther reaching than you can know!"
If you have any of Santiago's artwork from the past we would love to hear from you!  Pictures are only a bonus for us but we would love those too!

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