February 29, 2012

The Life Of An Artists Wife

An interview with Santiago's wife of almost 11 years.

Tell us about when you met Santiago

"I met Santiago a little over 12 years ago. From the beginning it was obvious how very different our personalities are. He is creative, passionate about life, deeply emotional about relationships and people, and fun loving. I am certainly not creative, seriously task oriented, and left brained logical all the way. But, the one thing we have in common is our love and commitment to each other, and the fact that we work very very well together.  The last 10 years of our married life have been a wonderful adventure in which we have figured a lot of things out but always had a lot of love along the way."

When did you first recognize Santiago's artistic talent?

"Santiago and I had been dating for a few months when he started drawing a portrait of each of his nieces and nephews. He wasn't painting at that time just doing pencil drawings. I don't think I will ever forget the moment I saw the first portrait. I was totally blown away! He had taken a blank piece of paper and given it life, essence, a spirit. He lacked a lot of confidence in himself but even though I really knew very little about art I recognized that he had a special gift."

When did know you were going to marry Santiago? 

"We had been dating for about 6 months when I packed everything up and moved to Peru to do a 3 month health internship. I missed Santiago terribly while I was there because we had become very good friends and spent every second we could together. He regularly sent me emails (they were very sweet and I saved them all) and one time we got to talk on the phone. It was during that conversation that this thought/feeling came to me "You are going to marry that boy!". When I got home from Peru we picked up right where we left off and we were married the following year."

What is it like being married to an artist?

"Ha ha, I don't know how you sum that up in a few sentences exactly. It has it's unique challenges. As Santiago has been growing and expanding his business over the years there has been a fair share of unpredictability. He works so hard and has invested so much to get where he is today but there were many times where the next step was uncertain. 

Expecting baby #2.
Early on in our marriage we were reading a book about the different personality colors. In one section that talked about our personalities (he is a yellow and I am a blue) when they are in a relationship together and it said something that really sums up a lot of aspects of our marriage.  It said Santiago needs someone to laugh at his jokes, and I need someone to make me laugh. In so many ways that sums up how complimentary we are together in every way not just our sense of humor or need for humor. 

The honest truth though is that I think part of being an artist involves being somewhat self centered or maybe inwardly focused is a better way of saying that. There have been times where in total frustration I have thought "I am NOT cut out to be an artists wife" but since I have recognized and accepted that dynamic of self-focus or whatever you want to call it, I am very happy in my role of supporting him and him being in the spotlight of sorts.

We have truly been blessed and have a happy life!"

Who are your favorite artists?

"Well other than my husband of course, I have recently been obsessed with Brian Kershisnik. His work is very stylized and for many years I did not "get it" and then one day I saw this piece that I totally connected with and from that moment on I have loved his paintings especially how he is able to portray his sense of humor in his work. Jeff Pugh is another one that I have fallen in love with and dream about owning one of his square cow pieces.

It has only been in the last couple of years that I have truly developed a deep appreciation and understanding for the arts. I love that my perspective has developed to the point that I can give Santiago constructive feedback and input that will often change elements of his paintings for the better. I wasn't always able to do that and like that I have my own opinion about artwork now."

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