March 14, 2012

Teaching - A Post By Santiago

This past week I had the chance to stay after the show and teach Amy some of the basics of painting. Amy and her mom are the women responsible for the wonderful smells and delicious food that come from the cafe at The Celebration Of Fine Art. If you are at the show you should try my favorite the Starving Artist Chili.

Still life by Amy 
Anyway, although Amy has been around art and artists for so many years working at the show she had never painted before. She made for a great pupil and I was very impressed with her natural talent. I realized how much I enjoy teaching and it was a great feeling to have her listen and incorporate the things that I was saying. I can't take any credit though for how her first painting, a still life of an apple, turned out. That is raw talent! Definitely looking forward to doing more teaching in the future!

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