June 15, 2012

Car Show

Wish I had bought these!
This past week we were in Orange County delivering a painting and celebrating my son's 4th birthday at Disneyland. While we were there we stopped by a car show/swap meet. I love everything vintage and it was great to get inspiration and see some amazing cars in person.

The wife loved this awesome mini.

The only thing we took home was this vintage (or probably not so vintage) Curious George lunch box. Our little artist loved it!


Jennifer Bellinger said...

OOOOH, you guys are getting some amazing travel miles in! I love old cars and I'm old! My husband just took our 1974 Ford F250 in for service...he's averaged 450 miles a year...it's our firewood truck...has 101,800 miles on it. You 4 kids at Disneyland..such a cute family!

Naomi Champy said...

I couldn’t agree more, Elizabeth! Witnessing well-preserved cars such as those in your photos is a pretty amazing feeling. It’s like walking through a ‘museum of car history.’ Cute lunch box, by the way – a good find. =D

Naomi Champy

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