October 3, 2012

My Kids In The Studio

I love when my kids come out to the studio to spend time with me while I paint. My little artist is getting to an age where he can paint right along side me and entertain himself, for short periods of time, while I keep working.

It's amazing how observant they both are of my mannerisms when I paint because they mimic the things that I do subconsciously. When my little artist is drawing me he will look at my face, draw a little bit, look at my face again, draw more. Really studying and being precise in his decisions. La Artista will pretend to paint on the canvas, back up and stare almost like she is studying the piece, take a few steps forward and then paint more. Seriously it's amazing to me how much they pick up on.

Even though  my little artist is only 4 he is already drawing things bigger if they are in the foreground or smaller if they are far away or in the background. I'm a proud dad!

This little one loves to get into everything in the barn! I can't wait until she is content to paint with us.

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Mrs.Gecko said...

I so love this post! It is fun to see how they mimic daddy so much! Love, Nana

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