January 4, 2013

Lately In My Studio

Over the next couple of days (with the help of my amazing family and friends) I will be packing up my studio and heading out for my next show at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, Arizona. As always, right before a show I am painting day and night to get ready and only stopping to eat or sleep when absolutely necessary. But it's been worth it and I am really excited about this body of work and the expansion of my subject matter into the world of vintage boats.

Here are some shots from my studio with paintings at various stages of completion.

If you are in Arizona I hope you will stop by!

Celebration Of Fine Art
Scottsdale, AZ
Located in the SW corner of Hayden Rd 
and Loop 101 off of exit 35.
Look for the big white tents.

Jan 12th - Mar 24th 2013

Check out last year's move and booth set up here.

1 comment:

Mary Opat Art said...

I did stop by Celebration of Fine Art today. Your work was my favorite. I love the combination of detail and looseness that you achieve.

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