September 8, 2013

My Giant Train Painting for ArtPrize 2013

I have been working on an 8 ft tall by 20 ft wide painting of a vintage steam locomotive train entitled "The Standoff". The painting depicts a massive machine that is stopped in its tracks by a humorous twist of nature. The underlying narrative is how we as mankind are faced with unforeseen challenges and how we overcome them. 

This coming week I will be transporting this piece 1500 miles across country to Michigan to participate in ArtPrize 2013 - the largest art competition in the world! I am honored to have been invited to participate and excited about the challenge of painting the largest piece I have ever painted. This 2 minute video explains what I am doing and includes a time lapse of the painting so far.

I am looking for backers to support me in this massive undertaking and have set up a project through kickstarter. When you pledge, there are a number of rewards including prints of my work, original paintings and the thing I am most excited about is the opportunity for your name (or company name) to be included in the final painting. 

To see the details or to pledge visit - 

 If you are able to support this project, or pass the word along, I would greatly appreciate it!

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