March 20, 2008

A Painting in a Day,... or two

Little boy an Original oil painting by Santiago Michalek
I really wanted to start and finish an oil painting in one night. Sometimes a painting can take months - that's a good thing, and bad at the same time. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but sometimes when I'm painting I get so caught up in the colors, shapes, textures that I loose sight of what I'm painting. I don't see the face anymore, the buildings, the tree. I then need to step away and leave the painting for another time. On occasion some of the passion for the oil painting gets lost, making it hard for me to finish, extending the duration for a completed work of art even more.

The thought of starting something and finishing it in one night is quite refreshing. Perhaps the end product is not as refined as it could be however, it's the rough powerful brush strokes that make it interesting as well; more passionate in a way. Having said that, it also has a lot more flaws. Anyway here is a dirty faced little boy I painted in a day,... or two.


Leo Michalek said...

I love it!, The way that you are capturing the light in the face is great. I love the texture in the face. how you are able to tell so much from blochy strokes. It feels very free and alive!- it adds alot of character and life to the painting.
Your Awsome. I've very impressed
great job Santiago!

Elizabeth said...

What I love about this painting is how you captured all of the meaning behind that little dirty face. A life of struggle and suffering but also a life of simplicity. I really connect with this piece emotionally.

The UnMighty said...

Great painting! I'm very impressed.

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