November 1, 2009

Art School

I know it's been a while since I updated the blog but I will be updating it frequently now so check back often. Also note the new (and hopefully easier to remember) url.

The main reason for my blogging absence is that a few months ago I started attending The Bridge Academy Of Art here in Provo. It has been an amazing experience and opportunity. I have been so busy with evening and weekend classes but I'm learning so much! I will keep you up to date on the current paintings I am working on as well as my in class assignments.

As a full time student I am taking 4 classes - a design class from Sean Diediker, figure drawing from Adam Ford, a head drawing class from Justin Taylor, and a figure painting class also from Justin. I've included links to their blogs so you can check out their amazing work.

Aside from improving my technique and composition I am learning what I need to make this a successful career. The thing about The Bridge is that the teachers are professional artists. They take time out of their careers to teach us. This creates a very unique environment and just what I have been needing to take my art to the next level.

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