September 24, 2010

Art On Vacation

Every summer we spend a wonderful couple of week's with all of Santiago's family (24 and a half of us) vacationing on the beach in Mexico.  That means lots of time to relax and paint. 

Santiago plein air painting on the beach summer 2009
This year Santiago's brother Leo posed for several hours so Santiago could paint him.  They even rigged it so he could play FIFA soccer on the X-Box (one of their favorite games) to help pass the time.

They also took hundreds of pictures of 'our little artist' just doing his thing.  Santiago oil painted while Leo sketched.  The amazing thing about 'our little artist's' 2-year-old body is how round his little belly is and how child-like his mannerisms are which is evident especially in the way he balances the weight of his body and movement. He was so cute running around in just his diaper and dad's socks.

Santiago patiently walked me through my first painting.  Apparently being around, and being able to recognize artistic talent doesn't make you a natural artist - that's for sure!  Santiago was an amazing teacher  and it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon together on vacation.
We put Santiago's artistic talent to good use for our chin people skit and to make a RISK game from scratch when we discovered the board game got left at home.  What can I say?  He is a very versitile artist!

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