September 22, 2010

Live Your Dream

Santiago was recently asked to donate a painting to the Live Your Dream Scholarship that provides college tuition scholarships to single mothers.  They were having a silent auction to raise money for the scholarship and wanted one of Santiago's pieces!  His was the only original art piece featured in the auction.
We thoroughly enjoyed attending the gala that evening.  I'll never forget when the little 70 year old lady sitting next to me leaned over and said "your husband looks like a movie star." It's true - he did!

This is the sweet thank you note we got from the auction winner

"Hey I just wanted to thank you again for the painting. That is the first piece of original artwork I have ever owned :) It makes me smile every time I see it, I just love that painting. I just wanted you to know how happy it makes me to own one of your paintings."

We were happy to help a good cause even in just a small way.

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