September 20, 2010

Show At Meyer Gallery

Over Labor Day weekend we went to Park City for the "Mirror, Mirror" show at The Meyer Gallery.  It was a compilation of 10 artist's portrayal of the human figure and the human condition.

We went to see Justin Taylor & Brian Kershisnik's work but it was a pleasant surprise to walk up and see Santiago's pieces hanging in the front window!

We just love Justin Taylor's style and this is why - he is so amazing!

It was a great night and wonderful to spend time with so many talented artists!


Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you! My husband loves your work and so do I! That's a great surprise at Meyer Gallery. I love the pic of you outside the gallery.
Love ya, Ali

justin said...

that justin keep is a weirdo but you're pretty cool. bus restorer / barn builder / soccer pro / hustler / oil paint black belt / big mac gobbler

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