September 16, 2010

Feature In POW Magazine

Santiago, along with a few other local artist, were recently featured in the Provo Orem Word Magazine.  POW Magazine did an issue about the artistic portrayal of the body and one of Santiago's figure drawings got a 2 page spread!

This is the quote they included from Santiago. "Vanessa Motion Study" is the study of movement within a single figure in a two-dimensional image.  This began with the model in a fixed pose.  Every 10 minutes the model would shift slightly, this would continue for about 60 minutes.  The end goal was to have an image that felt like motion without losing integrity of the figure.

It was an honor for him to be recognized by this local magazine! Their publisher/editor Rebecca Packard was gracious to include a thank you note in the publication - "Many thanks to the Bridge Academy artists whose included works illustrate the body's inspiration so well"

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