October 23, 2010

Art Review By The Goncourt Brothers

The Goncourt Brothers recently published a review of the 86th Annual Spring Salon.  Here is what they had to say about Santiago's VW piece.

Santiago H. Michalek, P6/S6 57 Microbus (2010) Oil on board.

This painting may be seen as a tribute to a motor vehicle that has achieved cultlike status in automotive history. The straight-forward presentation of what can oddly enough be described as the ‘sitter’ in this ‘portrait’ suggests that Michalek attempted to anthropomorphize the German bus - to make it human-like. Previously, only Walt Disney has successfully managed this seemingly impossible feat with the animated film “Cars” (2006).


Anonymous said...

Boy, those Goncourt Brothers have an interesting way to describe Santiago's work--I love it! I am so proud of Santi's work! Ali (Pili)

Wendy S said...

That is a really competitive show! Congratulations on getting juried in and reviewed favorably! You have so much talent!

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