October 27, 2010

Diediker Book Release Party

This past weekend we had the opportunity of attending Sean Diediker's book release party.  It was a great event and I especially enjoyed seeing many of his original pieces that I had not seen before.  We consider it an honor to know Sean.  He is a great teacher and mentor!

Here is the book summary - This book presents a chronicle of the artist’s ground-breaking initiative to harness the power of social media in the creation of his art. Using Facebook as his primary means of communication, Diediker, a prominent Utah artist, created a group page called the Wax Onion Collaborative, opened the page to the public so that anyone could join the group, and effectively rendered his studio a global forum in which to garner collaborative influences from around the world. Well over a thousand participants accepted his invitation, and all were offered the opportunity to directly provide their insights and opinions on his encaustic artwork during its creation. The result: a comprehensive yearlong collaborative effort with richly diverse global influences that resulted in a striking series of limited edition encaustic plates unrivaled by any artwork seen in creation today. Delving further into Diediker’s passion for the vast array of mark-making, the book also presents a collection of Diediker’s visually arresting larger body of artwork, including his Dollar Bill series and his evocative, unforgettable oil paintings. Part natural and cultural history, part symbol of the evolution of human communication, this book elevates the standard "Art Book" to a broadly encompassing celebration of a vital new era in the creation and perception of art.

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