August 1, 2012

A Family Portrait

My son, aka our little artist, usually need to be coerced to be creative. He is already such a perfectionist (like his mom) that he is really hesitant to do things on his own because he can't "do it right". It has been so nice lately to see him relax a little and want to draw pictures for people. His uninterpretable images are becoming recognizable objects.

Our little artist (age 4) with his chalk creation - himself, me (dad), mom, baby, and our nanny Savannah.
My wife drew the "eye love you" below.
A few days ago during nap time he created this masterpiece of our family. When he should have been napping he got his chalk out and all on his own, without any prodding, drew our family. He was so excited later in the day to surprise us all. He even made our nanny emotional because, she of course is part of the family.

I'll be here this weekend with my wife, our little artist, and la artista all in tow. Hope to see you there!

Beaver Creek Art Festival
76 Avondale Ln. 
Avon, Colorado
August 4th-5th
Sat & Sun - 10am-5pm

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